Welcome to Arabic Literature as World Literature, ISLA 392


This is the class blog for Arabic Literature as World Literature (ISLA 392). We will use this blog as a place to store information (the material required on the syllabus + the weekly schedule of readings), share information and ideas and keep track of our class.

I want to welcome you all to the class and alert you to the first long reading that we will be doing, in case any of you would like to start reading for class before we actually start classes!

We will begin the class by reading a few articles on the concept of “World Literature” and some theoretical approaches to it, but our first creative text is somewhat long Susan Abulhawa’s Mornings in Jenin.

It should already be available at Paragraphe Bookshop on McGill College Street. I have asked them also to order copies in French, though this may not be possible. There are copies in the McGill library and possibly other places that you can access the book as well.

This year, the book is chosen as the selection for the One Book, Many Communities project that we will participate in as a class and through the Islamic Studies Library at McGill, on the initiative of Librarians With Palestine.



Anyone who is interested in some of the other kinds of readings that we will be delving into is more than welcome to also pick up a copy of David Damrosch’s What is World Literature? and/or Christopher Prendergast, ed. Debating World Literature. Paragraphe will also have copies of my new book (recommended not required, cannot quite go there…) Michelle Hartman, Native Tongue, Stranger Talk.

I am working to finalize the information on the blog before 5 January, until then some of it may not be complete. But you can gain information about the class before then. It can give you some idea about how the class will be structured, and what the readings will be.

Any questions about the class can be addressed to me at michelle.hartman@mcgill.ca though I cannot promise I will be able to respond quickly before classes start, as I will have limited access to email.

See you on January 5!

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