Mornings in Jenin, readings/links in support


The family around whom Mornings in Jenin is focused is originally from a village Ein Houd, in Palestine, about which a number of things have been written.

Susan Slyomovics for example has written a study of the two villages Ein Houd/Ein Hod, Object of Memory: Arab and Jew Narrate the Palestinian Village. I have requested that a copy be put on reserve in the ISL library and encourage you to check it out. (

Relevant websites that cover similar material by Slyomovics are linked here:

It might also be interesting to think about this novel as an intertextual dialogue with Ghassan Kanafani’s  3a2id ila 7aifa, Returning to Haifa. This is a short novel which also deals with the story of a baby lost by his mother in the nakba, in Haifa, when she is fleeing. He is raised by a Jewish family, not knowing his origins, and they come together when he is a solider serving in the IDF. I have requested copies of this book in English and Arabic be put on reserve as well.

retour à haifa

I encourage you to read the story… it is so interesting in connection.

But some links that summarize or have excerpts:

or an interesting analysis:

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