Events, weekend and Monday at Concordia

I have been asked to widely advertise a series of events and talks by Jeff Halper in Montreal this weekend and Monday afternoon in particular.

On Monday, Halper will hold an informal conversation with students at Concordia about connections between Canada and Israel, in particular the universities’ links to the military and occupation.

Exposing Israeli – Canadian universities’ military and occupation ties
A discussion with Israeli activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jeff Halper

Monday, January 26, 3pm
Concordia GSA Lounge,
2030 MacKay St. (x deMaisoneuve)
Montreal, H3N 1J1
Metro Guy/Concordia

—— Please join us and share ——

An informal discussion with Dr. Jeff Halper, a long-time activist and commentator against the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Since the calamitous invasion of Gaza last summer, what lies ahead for Israel and Palestine? The Palestinians have gone to the UN, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is reaching a critical mass, and a growing number of Israeli aren’t willing to support an Israel that systematically violates human rights. Meanwhile, our Canada is bringing Israel’s occupation here through military and security agreements.

Concordia and McGill universities maintain ties with Israeli academic institutions that conduct military research and practice security control on the captive Palestinian people. What does this mean, and what will the future portend?

This discussion promises to be a great opportunity for students/activists campaigning for BDS to discuss university ties to occupation and violation of human rights.

Jeff Halper wrote us last week, “We must remain hopeful that through public education and effective campaigning, citizens of the world like us can work collectively to challenge Israel’s apartheid rule over Palestinians”.

This is a follow-up to Jeff’s major presentation: Jan. 25, Sunday, 1-3pm
“Exporting Occupation – the Israeli-Canadian military and security ties”
UQAM, Pavilion Hubert Aquin, Rm. A-M050  (French translation will be provided)
Ste-Catherine (x St. Denis). Metro Berri-UQAM

Later, Jeff will be giving another presentation:
Jan. 26, Monday, 7pm
“Imagining a future for Israel/Palestine: Beyond Fear and Violence”
Église Unie St-Jean, 110 Ste-Catherine Est, (x deBullion) Montréal. Métro St-Laurent

Dr. Jeff Halper is co-founder and Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) for the past 17 years, as well as a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

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