Your Manifesto Working Groups

Below please find your manifesto working groups, there are 4-5 people in each group. We will do some discussion in groups today so you can all meet each other. But you will need to exchange information and establish a preliminary working relationship ASAP!

Abi Zeid Daou, Kim
Arslan, L’Emir Magid
Awad, Sara
Cagan, Melis
Capel, Eugenie


Cupido, Marina

Dahm, Joelle
Dannatt, Maxine
El Tal, Jad
Enault, Sofia



Feder, Andries

Felice, Lydia
Fillion-Raff, Simone
Gilligan, Maggie
Haddad, Ralph



Hahn, Sophie

Hussain, Junaid
Jesmer, Jenn
Kara, Tasha
Larocque, Samantha
Mansoori, Yasmin



Mongeau, Philippe

Morales Garza, Alejandra
Mosimann, Yasmine
Naqvi, Sahar
Omar, Laila



Pardoe, Franseza

Radjaei Riahi, Arezu
Saade, Rita
Schultz, Chantelle



Simon, Chris

Stephan, Carol
Tahan, Nadine
Talaat, Samih
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