links to .PDFs

(1) Littérature-monde Manifesto

CFFS WORLD LIT actual manifesto

(2) Franco Moretti, “Conjectures on World Literature,” New Left Review

(3) Aamer Mufti, “Orientalism and the Institution of World Literature,” Critical Inquiry 36 (Spring 2010)

(4) Nirvana Tanoukhi, “The Scale of World Literature,” New Literary History, 39: 3 (2008) pp.599-617

(5) Michelle Hartman, “Teaching Mahfouz as World Literature,” Approaches to Teaching Naguib Mahfouz Ed. Wail Hassan and Susan Muaddi Darraj New York: MLA, 2012.

Hartman on Mahfouz

(6) Michelle Hartman, “Preface” and “Introduction” Native Tongue, Stranger Talk: The Arabic and French Literary Landscapes of Lebanon Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2014.

ntst intro

(7) Nadia Al-Baghdadi, “Registers of Arabic Literary History” 39 (2008): 437-482

NLH Baghdadi Arabic Lit. History

(8) Stephen Owen, “Stepping Forward and Back: Issues and Possibilities for ‘World’ Poetry” Modern Philology (2003): 532-548

ModPhil on WL Owen poetry

(9) David Damrosch, “Toward a History of World Literature” New Literary History 39 (2008): 481-495

NLH Damrosch History WL


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