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Please share, invite, like and so on!!

The lecture by Steven Salaita

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All That’s Left to You, Ghassan Kanafani, II

For class on Wednesday, February 25, I would like you to think through All that’s Left to You in relation to its contexts/ intertextual links/ Kanafani as a writer and his role in Palestinian/Arabic literature/ committed literature/ Resistance literature and so on.

Here we will focus on the text and its circulation in these larger contexts including (of course…) World Literature.

Please have a look at some of these links or find others yourself–there is a lot to be found quite easily.

On GK’s 77th Birthday:

Remembering GK through the Watch and the Volkswagen:

GK: A School of Palestinian Literature

GK: The symbol of the Palestinian tragedy:

archive (2)

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All That’s Left to You, Ghassan Kanafani


On Monday February 23 and Wednesday February 25, we will discuss Ghassan Kanafani’s short masterpiece, All That’s Left to You (Ma tabaqqa lakum).

For Monday’s conversation, I would like to focus on literary elements of the work and try to understand it as a text.

How does Kanafani use the five narrative voices that come together in strands or spirals? What is the use of time (the clock), place (the desert + other places)? How do the characterizations work together?

What are the ways in which he uses repetition (which comes through more clearly in Arabic but also to some extent in English) as a literary/ stylistic device?

What is your interpretation of the title?

You can start the conversation in the comments below and we will continue it in class.

There are many contextual and interesting intertextual links to other works (particularly his other work, Men in the Sun/Rijal fil Shams. There is also a lot that speaks to Other Lives/Hayawat Okhra.

Monday I would like to focus more on the inner workings of this text and Wednesday on links, contexts and so on.



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Upcoming events on campus organized by your class colleagues in SPHR

Come tomorrow (Monday, 17h00) to hear visiting prof. Samia Botmeh from Bir Zeit University talk about the BDS movement:


trivia night:

movie fundraiser, Five Broken Cameras:

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Against Austerity Measures, Library article by Maggie

important article by Maggie!

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Sonallah Ibrahim in Montreal–try to attend

Flyer SunnAllah

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